Top of The Town: 3 Veggie Burgers You Need To Try in HK

Top of The Town: 3 Veggie Burgers You Need To Try in HK

Top 3 Picks for Veggie Burger

When it comes to veggie burgers, you either love it, or you’re lying. But trust me, mouth-watering veggie burgers do exist. These meat-free finds will satisfy the appetite for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

The Happy Cow Veggie Burger at Gourmet Burger Union



What’s in it?

Premium Vegetable Soy Protein Burger with grilled onions, lettuce blend, roasted garlic aioli and sweet katsu sauce (Yes, katsu sauce – one that makes all the difference!)


What’s so special?

The burger is versatile and packed with good stuff. If you think veggie patty is all delicate, mushy and tasteless, be stoked to find this one here crunchy and full of flavor. The chef who created this burger clearly understood that going meatless doesn’t necessarily mean taking all the flavor out – Swap the boring condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise by adding in the sweet katsu sauce, it brings the juicy textures to a whole new level.


 Why we love it?

For those of us who’d like to eat light all summer long but unavoidably have a burger crave, this burger will satisfy your burgery needs with flavourful textures and tastes.


Address: 17 Old Bailey St, Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Opening House: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 4pm
Order Online:  Gourmet Burger Union


Le Lucien Veggie Burger at Big Fernand


What’s in it?

Big Mushroom from Paname, Tomme de Savoie cheese, dried tomatoes, pickled onions, chives, Tata Fernande sauce (homemade cocktail sauce)

What’s so special?

It’s the steak of veggie burgers. Instead of having grilled patties like we’d normally see and expect from burgers, we have a pile of big mushrooms here. They mingle well with the cheese on the outside and are surprisingly juicy and moist on the inside. The sauce slather over the already delicious burger and it’s burst of flavours as you bite. It’s more than just a veggie burger, it’s a gourmet masterpiece.

Why we love it?

We all love juicy burgers and this one from Big Fernand will fulfill all the demands of your taste buds. Stuffed with all things tender and moist, ‘tis a quality burger with a difference.

Address: Shop 2017, Podium Level 2, ifc Mall, 1 Harbour view street, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun and Public Holidays, 11am – 10pm

Order online:
Le Lucien at Big Fernand (Central)
Le Lucien at Big Fernand (Causeway Bay)


Veggie Burger at Texas Burger


What’s in it?

Grilled housemade savory veggie patty, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, melted Monterey lack cheese, aioli

What’s so special?

The freshness of lettuce and tomatoes balances the fragile veggie patty that is sautéed and peppered just right. Cheese melts beautifully in the burger and together with the garlic aioli it’s a huge hit of flavor. Also, we think avocado should be the new burger staple. We love how it’s smushed inside the bun and makes each bite creamy.

Why we love it?

It looks simple in terms of appearance, but it’s great-tasting as you bite into the burger. The seasoning flavours up the patty to perfection that makes it on our list of all-time favourite veggie burgers. Even if you’re not a fan of veggie dishes, you will be and you will rave about this.

Address: G/F, 109 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 12pm – 10pm
Fri – Sat 12pm – 11pm

Order Online:
Texas Burger


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