Top of the Town – 3 outstanding Fish and Chips you need to try in HK

Top of the Town – 3 outstanding Fish and Chips you need to try in HK

Let’s play a game, shall we? What’s the first thing you think of when I say Great Britain? Perhaps football skipped through your mind, maybe the 2012 Olympics or the massive London eye that looks our over the river Thames. I think of fish and chips. Going down the local chippy and ordering a large portion of battered cod and thick cut chips smothered in salt, vinegar and, if you are so inclined, a hefty dose of curry sauce. Luckily for you and me (mostly me), this seafood specialty has made its way over the seas to Hong Kong for happy expats and locals alike to enjoy.

White Beard Fish n Chips
Signature Fish & Chips $68
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What’s in it?
Hailing from New Zealand, this chippy uses fresh hoki fillets fried in their beer batter made right there. There are a number of sauces to choose from including the classic tartar, honey mustard, garlic aioli, sweet chili and more! Whatever your taste, they’ll sort you out. They have a range of beers available, with a number of colour bottles from Hawaii, we dove in to try the Big Wave and Castaway brews at just $35 each. Steal!

What is the secret?
Aside from the standard lemon slice that comes atop the crispy dish, White Beard have incorporated lemon zest into the ingredients which adds a certain fresh, zesty flavour into the mix. Another reason to be especially happy with the seafood here is that they use absolutely no frozen fish. And with that I think we can all agree that fresh is better.

What sets them apart?
The owner, who moved to New Zealand at just 10 years old, spent 20 years absorbing the culture and perfecting the formula to the create a crunchy, lip-smacking box full of fun. Being located right on the seafront, the salty sea air and waves crashing against the pier induces a wholly fisherman experience. Be sure to also visit their inland store up in SoHo, which remains open until 10pm.

Address: Pier 7, G/F, Central Piers, Central, Hong Kong
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Whitebeardfishandchips/

Chips Republic Café
Signature Fish & Chips $80
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What’s in it?
Using sole fillets bathed in batter sauce and generously smothered in bread crumbs, the fish is then fried in homemade batter until crispy and served with thick cut steak fries. Each customer is given the mind racking decision of either mushy peas or baked beans before it all being packaged in a box along with zingy tartar sauce and delectable cheese and truffle oil sauce. If you happen to “accidentally” get some on your fingers, clothes or table, we definitely aren’t judging you licking up every last bit.

What is the secret?
Our helpful main man, Titus, confidently let us know that the key secret to Chips Republic success is to start with a handsome manager followed by precision and passionate cooking. We certainly think the charisma was evident in our meal. Be sure to grab a Baileys Milkshake $47 to accompany your meal!

What sets them apart?
The cute British finishing and open layout, with large sharing tables between the intimate sofas complete the local frier atmosphere. Over the years Chips Republic have been open, they have prided themselves on not competing with other Fish chains, rather focusing on receiving feedback, interacting with their visitors and constantly working to improve their recipes.

Address: Shop 2132, 2/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Chips-Republic-227273034634/

Flying Pig Bistro


Barramundi Fish & Chips $178
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fish and chips flying pig

What’s in it?
Taken straight from the Aussie coasts is our third species of the night, the large and meaty barramundi fish. Everything in the Flying Pig is homemade, from the hand cut chips to the mushy peas to the tangy tartar sauce. The three times fried chips have a three layered texture and compliment the fish exquisitely. Just be sure to not snack too hard on the adorable little boxes of popcorn that are placed on the table as soon as you take your seat.

What is the secret?
The menu is kept small and straightforward so that the kitchen is focused on encompassing the highest quality ingredients in order to produce only the most impressive of meals. The servers are happy to chat to the loud-laughing clientele, while they enjoy mouthfuls of quality

What sets them apart?
Remember how I said everything in the Flying Pig was homemade? Well I wasn’t joking about that. The shattered mirror bar wall, fish cage lamps, wine case counters and even the dining tables and chairs were handmade by the owners, Chris and Malcolm. This eight month old bistro certainly has a vibrant personality, and great food to match!

Address: G/F, 62 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/flyingpigbistrohk

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