Unique Gifts For 5 Types Of Girls

Unique Gifts For 5 Types Of Girls

Buying gifts for girls can be a pain and I would definitely recommend you to steer away from clothing and shoes since you will never know if they truly fit the person you are buying for (It’s such a pain to have to return them as well). So how can you shop smart without making a last minute dash to the perfume counter on Xmas Eve and let your chosen one know you spent a lot of thoughts on the gifts? I am coming to your rescue. Here are my out-of-the-box gift ideas for you based on 5 types of girls:

The Socialite

Social butterflies’ schedules must be filled with parties and beer-pongs this season. All the selfies time and texting for locations, they definitely need a handy backup for a quick recharge. This clutch friendly, lipstick inspired charge bank will be a girl’s new best friend. It’s small, lightweight and portable. Even Rihanna will be happy with this without sending the SOS.

The Culture Clubber

If you know someone who is like me, a savvy traveler who always travels smart and in-style then this bag is made just for them. Handmade with soft light leather which will protect all your gear in the rain and train, this chic looking backpack gives you the maximum capacity for overnight stays, long haul flights and offers the freedom to jam your shawls, social gadgets, beauty kits and journals into one pack. I love how comfortable and well made the straps are – comfy! The craftsmanship of Tsuchiya Kaban makes this last as long as those loving memories of their trips.

The Queen of Art

If your other (or better half) is a fount of creativity and artistry, why not get her something that allows her to express herself? Maybe she has been longing to share her secret recipes of her best crockpot roast you love so much? Or she is a crafty at heart who loves to DIY with scraps and recycled tins? The best gift is to nurture one’s gift and talents! Get her a website in her name so she can be in the cyber cloud with joy and excitement.

Dora The Explorer

Sun exposure and protection is a priority when it comes to girls who love being outdoor on a hike or to discover the next secluded beach. This cool-funky looking bracelet will detect and protect UV level and is easy to match with any yoga pants or windbreakers.

The Zen-ophile

Om is the hum to their universe, ‘let’s hug a tree’ is their motto, if you know someone, a genuine yogi, who loves to tap into their inner peace, then this washable cotton meditation cushion set is the gift to be this Christmas.

There you are, all the unique gifts for 5 types of girls. Now that I have done all the hard work for you, I am going to sign off and get myself some food for thought, literally.

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