Unique Gifts For 5 Types Of Guys

Unique Gifts For 5 Types Of Guys

Some say it is the thought that counts, but before you throw in the towel and grab those gift cards by the counter, let’s take a look and see what unique presents we can gift our special someone based on their individuality.

From macho man to artsy pants, there is always something cool for everyone. Here is a list of hidden gifts I suggest for 5 types of guys:

The Artsy Hipster:

Preppy, edgy, hipster whatever you want to call them, they love art, culture and everything that surrounds their artistic and creative beings, the artsy ones are always dressed to impress. They love the smell of Italian leather shoes; they wouldn’t min spending a good dime on an oh-so-smooth beard trim or gingham shirt. A perfectly made and silky pocket square by The Armoury should fit any occasions and outfits nicely. Any hipsters would appreciate this pocket square crafted by a colorful Turkish brand, with the made-in-heaven combination of unique design, quality and hand-rolled techniques.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Those with suits and ties and who are always on the go. A perfect morning ritual for this fella would be a great cup of fresh brewed coffee and a quick read of the paper or scan of the stocks to start their day. This espresso machine by Nespresso is lightweight and will fit into any household because of the sophistication and practicality that comes with the gear. Who needs Starbucks when you can make your own decent coffee? Whether it is a minimalistic living room, or a colorful kitchen, you can mix and match using the changeable and colorful panels to fulfill your interior desires.

The Jay Gatsby

Love to invite friends over for a drink and a game or two of poker, these bubbly extroverts’ cabinets are often well stocked with spirits waiting to be mixed and stirred. They can definitely impress the guests and create some Cosmo or Martini in just a few shakes with this set of Japanese cocktail bartending set by Flair Iron.

The Macho Rock

Being dedicated to hours of heavy lifting and strength building will definitely leave muscles tense and sore, gym junkies, Cross-fitters will be in need of a deep muscle massage regularly. If you know someone who is buff like Dwayne Johnson, this Ucaress 3D back massager will give the ultimate rubdown at the comfort of their home. This massager also warms up to give additional relief.

The Geek of Thrones

For those who love to hobo around the Fallout map and Xbox their way to Boxing Day, you might worry how much cuddling time gaming will take him away from you. I say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Gift this comfy, uber-soft, 100% cotton art-deco inspired Maze-Throw blanket by Home Essentials and snuggle with them with a good book.

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