Valentine’s Day Special: How to make a gorgeous chocolate flower bouquet in 30 minutes

Valentine’s Day Special: How to make a gorgeous chocolate flower bouquet in 30 minutes

It’s time for Cupid to do his work again. If you are still struggling with unique presents for your better half, why not make something yourself? If you can manage it, you could craft a romantic love poem, but for those of us without the Shakespearean touch it is easier to make something with our hands than to immortalize our love in eternal lines. So, for us lesser mortals, why not speak the flower lingo to show your affection. Did you know 1 flower means love at first sight; 3 flowers mean I love you; 9 means an eternal love and 11 means you are my treasure one?

So today we are going to show you how you can use the flower lingo to express your love and save a buck or two by creating this romantic Ferrero chocolate flower bouquet!

Time required: 30 minutes

Tools you will need:

  • clear cellar tape (I used a cloudy white in the pictures for a clearer demonstration)
  • scissors
  • rubber band x 1
  • ruler

Materials you will need to make 9 chocolate flowers for your bouquet:

Wrapping paper in 4 different colors (2 for chocolates, 2 for bouquet), clear cellophane, satay sticks, ribbons

  • You will need 9 small (12cm) squares of clear cellophane for chocolates.
  • You will need 2 small (12cm) squares of paper for each chocolate. So cut 9 small squares for each color.
  • You will 3 large (34cm) squares for wrapping the bouquet.


Wrapping chocolate

Step 1: wrap the Ferrero chocolate with the clear cellophane. Twist the tips of the cellophane and secure with tape


Step 2: They should look something like this

VD5Step 3: Next, place the sharp end of satay stick into 2/3 of the chocolate. Be careful not to pierce through the top of the chocolate. Repeat the steps with the remaining Ferrero chocolate. Secure the chocolate and sticks with tape.

VD6Making 1st layer

Step 6: Fold the rice paper diagonally to create the base. Make sure you can see all four corners. Wrap the chocolate with the rice paper and secure with tape.

VD7It should look something like this:


Step 7: Repeat step 6 to create the 2nd layer using the 2nd color paper squares.


Once you are done, you will have a group of the chocolate sticks


Step 8: Secure the chocolate sticks with tape.


Wrapping the bouquet

Step 1: fold the large rice paper squares diagonally. Make sure you can see all four corners

VD12Step 2: Place chocolate sticks in the middle of the rice paper square and wrap around completely


Step 3: Secure the base and sticks with tape


Step 4: Repeat steps for the second large paper square


Step 5: Position the chocolate bouquet in the middle of the 3rd large rice paper square. Fold and secure the end part with a rubber band.


Step 6: Secure the base with a rubber band.


Step 7: Now decorate and finish up with a ribbon of your choice!

VD18Voila! Your Ferrero chocolate flower bouquet is complete! Now go write a lovely sickly sweet message (or a love poem to show off your talent) to go along with your handmade chocolate bouquet!


On behalf of foodpanda team, we wish you a very cuddly Valentine’s Day!

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