Wardrobe Diaries – V for Visala Eats at Cafe Siam in LKF

Wardrobe Diaries – V for Visala Eats at Cafe Siam in LKF

It was one of those in-between work quick lunch around Central. For such a short lunch break, I’ve chosen to settle my foot in Cafe Siam, one of the restaurants located in the heartiest of Lan Kwai Fong, Central.


The lunch set is always an option to go for on a busy day. A bowl of soup, rice or noodle and light snacks to freshen up. Starting with my favourite Tom Yum Kung, the classic spicy chicken soup was seasoned perfectly with lemongrass and lime leaf, well balanced with a suitable amount of chilli.


While the famous Pad Thai is sweeter and nuttier, I personally prefer something saltier with a touch of sour and opt for the chicken flat noodle fried with bean paste (Guay Teow Rad Nar Gai). Serving on the side with vegetable spring rolls, lunch has never been so satisfying by sharing also the hot basil fried rice (Khao Pad Krapao Gai) with a friend of mine.

Not heavily over spiced, yet when they say hot, they mean it.

I’m not a tolerant person when it comes to eating chilli, but this particular chilli fried rice from Cafe Siam has brought me into a situation of trying my very best to finish the whole dish while ignoring a large amount of water I poured into my belly. If you are a chilli lover, I recommended you to go for this one.


Mind me not for keep re-mentioning how full my schedule was on that day. Therefore I decided to wear my most handy outfit — a mid-length one-piece. Dressing up in Loey’s navy dress, I especially love how the abstract ink splash print effortlessly dashes up a modernity arty aesthetics. Again, in my usual way — layering a shirt beneath and pop out the white collar is always an easy move to go for something slightly masculine.


Khao Pad Krapao Gai Cafe Siam



Finishing up my lunch at Cafe Siam with popular Thai street desserts — the coconut cream pastry (Ta Goh) and Smooth pumpkin caramel custard (Sang Kha Ya Fuk Thong) gives a smooth touch to my tongue and throat and surprised me with the perfect balance of sweetness. That matter of sweetness is all I need to keep up the rest of my day.

visala outfit cafe siam


Other Popular Dishes at Cafe Siam:

Fried noodles thai style with soy sauce, egg, kale and carrots with your choice of chicken pork, beef, mixed vegetables with tofu or prawn



2/F – 3/F, The Plaza, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

T (852) 2851 4803




  • Loey dress
  • Zara cropped shirt
  • Lucid Designs by Visala bangle
  • Sophie Hulme bag
  • Zimmermann oxfords


Article Written By buegl

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