Editors Pick – What we eat at Noodle Mi

Editors Pick – What we eat at Noodle Mi

When it has to be a fast lunch option and you still want it to be healthy and tasty, foodpanda Magazine can recommend Noodle-Mi, located in Sheung Wan.
We often grab a Pho or Salad there and we wanted to share which dishes we absolutely indulge on.
Alright, let´s go – Find our 10 favs below.

The Banh Mi

This is why I always get asked if I'm Vietnamese. #yiueatright #whatsforlunch #sandwichoftheday

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Grilled five spiced pork with scallion, crispy shallot and rice vermicelli

The Pomelo Salad

The Vegetable Pho

The Tuna Rolls

The Bun Rieu

The Rice Vermicelli with Tomato sauce and Beef

The Turmeric Fish on Noodles

Pho with mushroom and tofu dumplings

Noodle Mi

G/F, 2 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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