Which Easter Egg are you?

Which Easter Egg are you?

Easter is coming and you have a few days off. Any ideas about what you are going to do? If you need help thinking of where to eat, take this little quiz that takes billions of pieces of complex psychological datum (well – six answers to multiple choice questions) and computes exactly which type of egg you are. I bet you didn’t even know that was possible! So, whenever you are ready, clear your mind and be totally honest in this absolutely 100% accurate quiz.

Question 1: Where do you hope to be on Easter Sunday?

a) Anime Con: I am gonna wig out! ✌️
b) Disneyland: I’m going to count all the hidden Mickeys!
c) A haunted house: We are having our own “midnight mass”.
d) Church of course: You should be there too!
e) Errr… pub?
f) Yoga at Sun Yat Sen Park?
g) Mahjong with friends?

Question 2: What will you be wearing?

a) Where do I begin? Well, I am currently working on my Madoka Kaname costume.
b) Of course my mickey/minnie mouse hat!
c) My leather jacket, black lace shirt and eyeliner.
d) My best Sunday suit.
e) Just jeans and an oversized tee, pretty much the same as every week.
f) My Lululemon yoga pants and lilac push up bra.
g) I need my aviator glasses to see the mahjong tiles in the smoke.

Question 3: What do you like to eat at Easter?

a) Anything that looks good, preferably with a cartoon face on it, and I will dive in!
b) Chocolate!!! Gimme those eggs, kid, I’ll look after them for you.
c) I would suck on human blood…….
d) A restrictive diet of gruel – we must deny ourselves pleasure.
e) Errrr… something from the pub menu?
f) I am watching my figure. A plate of lettuce or carrots will do just fine.
g) Easter? I’m getting ready for Ching Ming, so I’m roasting a pig.

Question 4: What is your favorite way to wind down?

a) Catching up on tv drama shows?
b) Who needs to wind down? I’m on a sugar rush! Weeeee!
c) Pondering life and death. Well, mainly death.
d) Singing hymns with my church buddies while hiking.
e) Errr… pub?
f) Walking my dog and meet fellow dog lovers for salutations in the sun.
g) Reading the newspaper – checking if I won the jackpot on my Mark 6 tickets.

Question 5: Ok. So here’s an obvious one. Pick a color:

a) Cotton candy pink.
b) Rainbow!! Like skittles.
c) Black is a color, right?
d) Halo white.
e) Errr… brown ale?
f) Orange, to symbolize happiness.
g) Lucky red.

Large chocolate Easter egg Easter eggs – image courtesy of www.hulutrip.com

Question 6: If you have a pet, what type is it?

a) I have so many pets… want to see on my phone? (Opens Neko Atsume)
b) Fluffy bunnies.
c) I have a tattoo of a lone wolf, does that count?
d) The Lord is my Shepherd. So I am his pet sheep.
e) My schedule is too filled with beer pongs. No time for pets.
f) My bichon frise, of course.
g) I have a turtle on my balcony to ensure fortune comes my way. At least, I think it is still out there.

If you picked mostly A´s, you are:

Ajitsuke Egg
You are into all things Japanese. You are the walking encyclopedia of cute packaging and all the cartoon characters that have ever existed. You are nerdy and proud of it. The soft boiled and carefully marinated ajitsuke egg should be right up in your alley. Celebrate your inner nerdiness with a bowl of ramen broth and ajitsuke egg. If you like, you can dress up and eat it in character and say – “Oishii!’’

If you picked mostly B´s, you are:

Chocolate Egg
You are young at heart and really try to recapture your childhood at Easter – the international holiday of chocolate consumption (at least I think that’s what it’s supposed to celebrate). So why not go the whole hog with a warm chocolate pudding at the Flying Pig Bistro?

Easter Chocolate Eggs Easter Chocolate Eggs – image courtesy of www.thedailymeal.com

If you picked mostly C´s, you are:

Deviled Egg
Easter and goth may not seem a perfect match, but think about it – which other holiday pays tribute to someone’s painful suffering? Your style and philosophy might be a little alternative for some, but hey, we all feel blue and want to paint it black from time to time. That is why the deviled egg best symbolises you. Think this is a weak link that is symbolic of all that is futile and meaningless in today’s world? Why not ponder such questions over a cobb salad with soft boiled egg and blue cheese and countless cups of black coffee?

If you picked mostly D´s, you are:

Eggs Benedict
OK. This dish may have been invented by a Wall Street banker, but we will ignore that and pretend that it is a holy dish inspired by Benedictine monks. Live a little and celebrate Easter and all of God’s holy-creations by eating some of them. Don’t live on gruel. Fuel your worship by munching on some eggs Benedict.

If you picked mostly E´s, you are:

Fried Egg
You, my friend, are a Fried Egg. Embrace it.
You may not be exactly healthy, but you are fun to eat and if you learn to moderate things a little can be fun to be with. Instead of going to your regular hang-out and couch-surfing at some random pub this Easter – change things up a little. Our top-tip for a good ole, traditional British fry up is here.

If you picked mostly F´s, you are:

Steamed Egg
You enjoy sweating off some steam in a hot yoga session, baring your skin and feet in open fresh air and on the earthy soil. What better way to say salute to your consciousness by getting a bowl of minimalist, yet hard-to-perfect, steamed egg custard?

If you picked mostly G´s, you are:

Thousand-Year-Old Egg
What’s not to love about a preserved duck egg? You may have a hard exterior and carry the slight whiff of ammonia, but you are great company to go for a bowl of juk with. Traditional and a little intimidating at first, you contain many surprises for those willing to take the time to get to know you. As a proud traditionalist, you might like to test your tastebuds with some chilled bean curd and thousand year old egg.

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