Which hangover food are you?

Which hangover food are you?

Pick a poison. Where does your hangover begin?

  1. I’d bond with anyone over a martini
  2. I am a professional beer-ponger
  3. When life throws you a baguette, have a glass of Boudreaux instead
  4. The harder the liquor the better
  5. If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain!
  6. Sake me away
  7. Can you get drunk on fruit punch?

If your answer is 1: You need the Italian cure!

Sophisticated and classy, you stay on top with your dress sense and trends. Your perfect hangover food will be classic Italian. Start with Caprese at Linguini Fini, lighthearted yet flavorful organic tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and 30-year balsamic vinegar. Complete your meal with Sicilian Street Risotto which is Saffron rice with Bolognese, peas, and garlic and herb croutons. Perfect for mopping up the excess gin or vodka and leaving you ready to drift away on a gondola of recovery.

Linguini Fini
Linguini Fini

Alternative hangover food: A traditional Italian household dish, Creamy Seafood Risotto topped with Grilled Bell Peppers, Shrimp, Scallops and Rocket by Mo Bros.

If your answer is 2: You could do with the good ol’ American cure

You are loyal and proud when it comes to your hoppy beverage choice. Rustic good old American food and you will be the best hangover pair. A juicy, stomach filling burger with homemade slaws and crispy onion rings. Ask for Memphis Burger at The Diner and you are all set! Now you are ready once more to take on the world.

Memphis Burger at The Diner
Memphis Burger at The Diner

Alternative hangover food: Burger might be your best friend as a hangover food, but your heart can never say no to a slab of grilled juicy ribs at Wilbur’s.

If your answer is 3: You need the French cure

You know the wine list like the back of your hands, but your refined taste does not, unfortunately, give you a refined red-wine hangover. Put on your best beret and head to Aberdeen Street for some seasonal fresh oysters as well as their famous Boeuf Bourguignon, a hearty, farm-inspired beef stew with carrots, onions, mushroom, rosemary, thyme and red wine – just enough to act as what the English would call ‘poils du chien’.

Boeuf Bourguignon at Aberdeen Street
Boeuf Bourguignon at Aberdeen Street

Alternative hangover food: When in Paris, you can always count on ODELICE! for a delicate and flavorful Galette, French crepes with goat cheese, spinach and pine nuts, a more lighter dish for your hangover food.

If your answer is 4: You are British. You should know by now that…

The best way to cure a head buzzing hangover will be a good ole traditional English fry up. Get served at Yorkshire Pudding and grab yourself a plate of Great British Fry Up. Enjoy fantastically crispy hash brown and succulent Cumberland for your choice of hangover food. Sunny side, or poached, have the eggs the way you like it. Mop up that plate with some toasted wheat bread and baked beans. You can also opt for a plate of roast beef for two and their signature Yorkshire pudding with your significant other.

Alternative hangover food: Fancy gravy? Find your love with Banger and Mash topped with beef gravy and peas at The Cottage.

If your answer is 5: You could do with the Mexican bruho cure

You are adventurous, fun and couldn’t care less of what other people say. Fun in the sun might be your motto but while you are fighting against the cold and chills in Hong Kong, why not indulge yourself with some vibrant Mexican food? Warm your tummy with a bowl of spicy chili con carne at Agave or their Quesadillas stuffed full of cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream. You can choose your main protein to go in your quesadillas as your heart desires.

Agave's QUESADILLA - House spiced Chorizo
Agave’s QUESADILLA – House spiced Chorizo

Alternative hangover food: See the Sizzling Fajitas with tender chicken or beef at Oolaa.

If your answer is 6: You would benefit from the Japanese cure

You are a people person, who enjoys a group of friends on a karaoke night, passing on the mic as you sing My Way. You enjoy the simplicity of life: great food and friendly conversations. Your hangover food cure should be a mix of the purity of seafood and the spicy kick of wasabi. Sharing the Warrior Platter by Wasabi Warrior among your friends will definitely match your outgoing nature and leave you feeling ready to face the next round of sake bombs.

Alternative hangover food: Yakimono and a Taku Sashimi Platter at Taku for you, sake adventurers.

If your answer is 7: Do you really have a hangover?

‘Your body is a temple’. You are a believer in the greater good. You are spiritual and kind to your body and you pay attention to all surroundings in the universe. And you probably don’t really need a hangover cure! Lucky you! Go for a jog to stir up your appetite and then treat yourself to the Herbivores Bomb at The herbivores, a homemade coconut curry made with Sun-dried tomato and saffron arancini with mozzarella and grilled pineapple skewers; or get natural high with their Wild Mushroom Pizza which has all the mushrooms you need in this world!

Wild Mushroom Pizza at The Herbivores
Wild Mushroom Pizza at The Herbivores

Alternative hangover food: A Greek Pizza with toppings of black olives, red onions, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese at Vegan Pizza is a match made in heaven for a free-spirited soul.

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