Which Part Of Hong Kong Are You?

Which Part Of Hong Kong Are You?

Pick 1 of the following that describes your nature and find out which part of Hong Kong you really are.

  1. I love the concrete jungle, endless shopping and late night feasts and if it is cheaper by the dozen, I am there!
  2. I am more of a philosopher, I prefer clouds over crowds; natural gems are my accessories. I like to sit somewhere secluded and ponder on life, death and where it all begins.
  3. I love to be the center of the action. Life is all about being in the VIP! Work hard party hard is my motto and Hollywood is my imaginary home.
  4. I would rather breathe fresh air and occasionally cowdung than being suffocated by smog. Where is my cowboy hat? Yeehaw!
  5. I am the Family Guy/Gal; a perfect Sunday would be throwing a ball with my Brian Griffin after spending the morning discovering the life aquatic under the deep blue sea.
  6. I am a kid in a candy store when it comes to all things gadgety. I prefer to be in a geek’s paradise. Wishful thinking? Let me just live in a cyber world.
  7. I am a global trekker. Nothing beats a good hike and having wind blowing my silky hair while riding a ferry.
  8. Yes. I confess I am a shopaholic; I like to know all the good deals in outlet malls, but I need to be able to hear that gong sings OM every once a while. Can’t I have it all?
  9. I am a crafty explorer and I would set up a tent in London’s Albert and Victoria Museum if I could.
  10. I was born to be a sailor of life. I flow free as water and I settle by anchors. I don’t mind bird poop or water in my wellies, just let me commune with nature.

If your answer is 1, Yau Ma Tei is a fun place for you

Yau Ma Tei might be your geographical twin, or at least a fun place for you to visit. With Temple Street coming alive late at night and hot sizzling oyster omelettes at one of the dai pai dongs to satisfy your need for a cheap but tasty feast, this location is ideal for you. Within a minute on the MTR from all the buzzing bargains of Mong Kok, Yau Mau Tei is the place for you to enjoy rustic buildings, old vinyl records playing and fortunes being told.

Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong

If your answer is 2, then you’re probably thinking Sai Kung

Sling your way to Sai Kung Side. Sai Kung is a more serene and secluded option for those who would like to meditate on the meanings of life or get away from the city buzz. Famous for their seafood and their clear blue water, you will definitely find your peace there. There are also a lot of organic shops and restaurants in case you decide to add a body-cleansing lunch on your soul-searching agenda.

If your answer is 3, then you’d definitely love some glitz in Central

If you cannot spare time off work for a holiday to catch the glamor of LaLa land, you can still get some glitz in Central. Party til the sun goes up, and then carry on til it goes back down! Conduct a celeb-watch at the prominent Volar or Dragon I and let your adrenaline wake you up as you march through the rush hour of Central Station the next day and watch Hong Kong go-around on the spinning Ferris Wheel at Central Harborfront. Find top restaurants in Central Hong Kong here.

If your answer is 4, Yuen Long offers you a lot

The town of YoHo is better developed than you imagined. Whether you want to reside in a skyscraper, or some cottage-inspired village houses, Yuen Long has a lot to offer. If you want to experience a day of a country life, head to Tai Tong Organic Eco Park for a fun day of pony riding and organic farming and get in touch with your nature.

Tai Tong Organic Eco Park

If your answer is 5, Discovery Bay is definitely yours to pick

Discovery Bay has an ever growing community of expats and their families. If you want somewhere with a kid-friendly neighborhood, then Disco Bay is definitely yours to pick. Spend a day at sea and go on an aquatic Seafari discovery or have some Frisbee fun at Tai Pak beach.

If your answer is 6, Sham Shui Po is definitely fantastic for you

From the latest electronics to low-cost computer parts should you need to build your own time-machine, Sham Shui Po is definitely for anyone who is a gadget fanatic. Whether it is The Golden Computer Arcade or Apliu Street, you will find yourself walking in Doc. Brown’s backyard in Sham Shui Po.

Tai Pak beach

If your answer is 7, then you’d love to enjoy a breezy ride to Lamma Island

This small little island is full of natural finds. Enjoy a breezy relaxing ride to Lamma Island and discover the trails along Yung Shue Wan Main Street. Follow this suggested route to see a breathtaking and mind-refreshing Hong Kong. Wind down into the sunset and have some fresh-off-the-boat seafood and watch people drift by.

If your answer is 8, Lantau Island is your best match!

If you have not seen the magnificent Big Buddha, then head over to Ngong Ping and hop on the glass cable car. Watch the greenery go by right under your feet and try not to imagine yourself being in a Hitchcock movie. Once you have reached your (final) destination and your vertigo is cured, you will rediscover your zen at Po Lin Monastery. After your zen-ometer is charged, you can get back to Tung Chung for some shopping at various outlets.

Lantau Island 1

If your answer is 9, Sheung Wan would be your best pick

Sheung Wan is a place where all artistic souls should go. Instead of crowding in Man Po Temple with local worshippers, you can wander along a lot of hidden alleys with graffiti and shops you shouldn’t miss. Window-shop on Hollywood Road for antiques and head down to Cat Street for some rustic, chinese kitchenware and accessories. Take home some bedroom posters of Chinese kitsch, powder room Cheongsam ladies, or a jade lion to bring you some good fortune and luck. There are a few art galleries along the way and if you are auditioning for Project Runway and want to improve your sewing, take a stroll to the historical Western Market where there are loads of colorful fabric stores stationed. You can also order food online in Sheung Wan here.

Sheung Wan

If your answer is 10, then you’d love to visit Tai O to explore Mazy Streets

Mark Twain once said, ‘’Explore. Dream. Discover’’. In Tai O, you can explore the mazy streets, you can dream you are in the ‘’Venice of Hong Kong’’, and you can discover the original and traditional way of life in a Hong Kong fishing village. The past is a foreign country and they do things differently here. You get a glimpse (and even smell) of folks drying their seafood and shrimp paste. Tai O may be ‘fragrant’, but hey, who can tell from the spectacular shots of stilted houses on your Instagram?

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